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Law Firms rely on professional fees to operate their business. But unlike any other professional business, Lawyers are subject to a Costs Assessment process that is time consuming, distracting and expensive. With little protection or clarity provided under the challenging legislation, Lawyers are increasingly being exposed to assessments with an unlikely chance of a fair or timely resolution.

Costs Cover provides Law Firms with an insurance solution to protect themselves against disputes to their professional fees, and the opportunity costs associated with the dispute process. There are two key components to the cover:

Defence Costs

The defence of your claim (and associated costs) will be handled by an independent solicitor appointed by XL/Catlin (Insurer). Cover highlights include:

  • Outsourcing the full dispute process;
  • Compilation of an itemised bill;
  • Referral to an independent Costs Assessor;
  • Settlement discussions (as warranted).

Fee Protection

The cover will provide you with protection for your fees should there be an adverse finding. Cover highlights include:

  • Fee reimbursement of 90% of the adverse finding or settlement;
  • Cover for all past bills, including "out of time" bills (if unlimited retroactive cover is purchased)
  • Nil excess for successfully defended claims.


Costs Cover allows you to outsource the financial and administrative cost of a Costs Assessment. It allows you to continue running your practice and managing your current clients, while the dispute is managed effectively and efficiently by experts in the field.

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